Are you looking for an awesome job that’s not only fun, challenging, and enjoyable, but also pays you more money the harder you work?

If so, then please listen carefully.

Our growing company has a fantastic job opportunity available for an eBook writer in the Internet Marketing niche that can meet certain criteria. And I have to state upfront, this job isn’t for everyone.

We’re looking for a very unique person(s) to fill this job. We’re looking for someone that would also enjoy contributing ideas and sharing their thoughts, while they do their job. We’re basically looking for a talented, hard working person that would like to become a valuable member of our team. And you can do this job completely from your home if you have a highspeed Internet connection.

Not only do we work on fun and challenging projects, but as the company grows so does everyone’s SALARY! 🙂 So this could be a wonderful opportunity for you! Not only could you have an exciting job but you would also enjoy knowing that as you do a great job you’ll continue to be rewarded for it with more money

Too many companies just want to hire people for a low salary and get all the work they can out of them. We’re much different! We know the success of our company is based on the success of our team members, and that’s why we believe in creating a fun work process and rewarding those that deserve it. We’re really looking for that special person that could become a ‘superstar’ on our team. Someone who would love their job and love working with our team.

Professional Internet Marketing eBook Writer

USD 250 – 500
(Work from home)


Here’s just some of the criteria that this person would meet:

Has their own computer and highspeed Internet connection.
Speaks, Reads, and Writes excellent English.
Can work from home without distractions.
Can use Skype.
Has a PayPal account.
Is willing to learn new things. Can easily trained other skills.

Has the following skills:

Can create short (8000 words) as well as long (25.000 words) ebooks in PDF format.
Can write on topics within the Internet Marketing Niche such as: blogging, SEO, List building, PPC, Traffic Generation, Website creation, Advertising etc.
Must be able to quickly and efficiently research new markets and complete the report.
Reports must be professionally presented, with title page, headers, footers etc.

If you’re interested in this unique opportunity, please do the following… Contact us and use a Subject Line of “eBook Writer Position”.

Let us know why you think you’d be great for this job. Also let us know the best time you can be reached and what schedule you would prefer to work from home when you won’t be distracted. Please also include links to as many examples of your work that you can.

Sincerely, Team

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